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Snow Removal

Snow Plowing

snow plowingLakeland Sprinkler will plow when 2.0” of snow has accumulated and will continue to plow snow until all accounts have been cleared to industry standards.  Snow will be pushed to a designated location on the property agreed upon by Lakeland and the customer.  We will attempt to service customers by 7:00 AM or 6PM.  Roadway snow plows fill driveway aprons with excess snow after driveways have been cleared.  If this causes a hazard or inconvenience, please let us know and we will attempt to clear this within a reasonable time frame.
Shoveling or Snow Blowing: 
Entryways will be shoveled once the snowfall has reached an accumulation of 3.0” unless otherwise specified by the customer.  All sidewalks and entryways will be cleared of snow and ice melt will be applied.  Ice melt will be provided by Lakeland at a per pound rate.  This service will be billed hourly with a ¼ hour (15 minute) minimum.

Turf and/or Sprinkler Repair: 
In the event that the contractor damages any turf by snow plowing, the contractor will top dress and re-seed the damaged turf in the spring season. If sprinkler damage occurs as a result of plow clipping by a Lakeland driver we will repair the damage at no cost to the customer during your spring season turn on.