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Irrigation Services

Sprinkler-Home pictureNot all lawn irrigation companies are the same!

  • If you have a well, we specialize in irrigation layout and installation for well water-based systems. Even if your well doesn’t produce enough water for a typical irrigation system, our systems can maximize low water levels to provide adequate watering.
  • If you have city water, proper use and application is one of our focal points. In addition to installing systems that use very little water, Lakeland Sprinkler Inc. is proud to offer our customers The Hunter™ Solar Sync weather station, which can cut your water bills by up to 70%!
  • If you have an existing sprinkler system that wastes water, or does not water your lawn evenly, we can help!  Lakeland Sprinkler Inc. was built around unsurpassed knowledge and proper service of existing lawn sprinkler systems.

sprinkler systemWe back our systems with a Five Year Warranty, so you can rest assured that you made the right choice in Lakeland Sprinkler Inc.

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to check the system properly, program the controller accurately, and troubleshoot the system, don’t do it yourself.  An affordable yearly service contract is the best way to make sure the system will continue to operate trouble-free.


A Lawn Irrigation System is a collection of inventions.

  • The rain sensor, the electric valves,
  • sprinklers that pop up,
  • controllers that do many things and
  • plastics that can last a life time.
  • All these things work together to do your work for you.

Underground view of sprinkler lineHowever, your irrigation system must be installed properly and maintained regularly to assure a green lush landscape. An irrigation system is exposed to car tires, snow plows, foot traffic, weed whackers, lawn mowers, children, pets, and extreme cold and heat.

If you want a healthy lawn, remember these tips:

  • Water deep, not frequently. Shallow watering only wets the soil surface and water doesn’t have a chance to soak in. This results in a shallow root base and allows the sun to steal your water through evaporation.
  • The recommended amount of precipitation for lawn areas is 1/2″ of water every 3 days. The experts say 1″ of water weekly.  The result is a hardy lawn with a deeper root base that is less susceptible to environmental stresses.  We have experimented with this plan for over a decade on hundreds of lawns all over South Eastern Wisconsin and it works!

When choosing your irrigation contractor make sure you understand the entire process and educate yourself on proper spacing of sprinkler heads so you can compare “apples to apples”.  Not all irrigation contractors are the same!
Properly spaced sprinkler heads save water, work efficiently.

Properly spaced sprinkler heads save water, work efficiently.
When sprinkler heads are spaced too far apart, they do not water evenly. This will result in uneven growth and/or other lawn issues, such as some areas being over watered, while others not receiving enough.

50 feet spacing between sprinkler heads:


At 50 feet, the effective coverage of each head is out of range by 10 feet or more.

40 feet spacing between sprinkler heads:


At 40 feet, the sprinkler heads are still out of range by 5 feet or more.

30 feet spacing between sprinkler heads:


At 30 to 33 feet, the sprinkers are now head to head. There are no weak spots.
Result: 100% coverage and effective watering of the lawn.

Residential sprinklers throw water approximately 25 to 40 feet. But with typical water pressure and volume demands when the system is running, average coverage is 30 to 33 feet.
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